Unleashing Snow Leopard Exposé Features

Unleashing Snow Leopard Exposé Features

Exposé Hidden Features

Snow Leopard “hidden features” brings with them a host of new tools that range from an improved Finder Toolbar and useful Exposé features. I want to take a minute to showcase a few of these Exposé features enhanced by Snow Leopard that I have found to be the most useful in my everyday computing.

Activate Quick Look
With a Finder Window open you should by default have the Quick Look “eye” in menu bar. If not you can add it by Customizing Your Toolbar by performing Control + Click on the Finder Window Menu bar or from the main Finder menu Click View > “Customize Toolbar…”. From the menu that drops down Drag the “Quick Look” Icon to the bar and Click “Done”.

Using Quick Look
To use quick look simply select an item that appears in the Finder Window and Click on the Quick Look Icon in the Menu bar. You can also activate it by selecting an item and tapping the Space Bar.

Quick Look Slide Show
Activate Quick Look slideshow after selecting a group of files. These can be either images or regular files. With the Finder Window open hold down the Option key to change the Quick Look icon to a Play button or use Command-Option-Y. By click the play button Quick View will go into full screen mode with auto play, forward/backward buttons and slide table view.

Find Window You Need with Exposé
Quick Look is a part of Exposé where you can easily see, access or hide applications windows or documents. Mac OS X 10.5 you can use F9 to display all open windows on your Mac. Using Snow Leopard 10.6 you can use F3 to show all window by Application. You can also sort alphabetically using CMD+1 or by Application using CMD+2.

Exposé by Application
Want to see all the windows you have open by Application. Simply Click and hold open the Application Dock to show all its windows. To enlarge a view simply hover over it and tap the Spacebar.

Getting Fancy: X-ray Folder previews using Quick Look
So when you have tried all this and you want to make Quick Look stand out here is a easy Terminal command that will allow you show a preview of the folder’s contents inside a translucent folder icon. The enable this Quick Look preview that allows you to view the files inside the folder and cycle through them so you can see all of them perform the following command:

defaults write com.apple.finder QLEnableXRayFolders 1

killall Finder

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