Mac OS X iMovie 2009

Compressing Movies for Online Viewing

Compressing movies for MobileMe, YouTube or Flickr doesn’t have to be a hassle. Lets say you have a large video file that you want to publish, something in the ball park of 2GBs. This can be a video you have edited in iMovie 2009 and is ready to present to friends and family! If you have a large video that is not in iMovie but you want share you simply have to import it as a project.

iMovie '09 Export Settings

iMovie '09 Export Settings

Once imported do the following:

  1. Choose Share > MobileMe Gallery. (You can also choose YouTube)
  2. Complete the Log-in Fields
  3. Give your video a Category
  4. Provide Title and Description
  5. Give it any relevant tags to make it searchable
  6. Finally choose the size that would work best for streaming

Mobile: 480 x272
Medium: 640 x 360
Large: 960 x 540
HD: 1280 x 720 (in iMovie ’08 these options are under MobileMe Export Options.)

The advantage of iMovie over any other Application is that you can take advantage of its one-stop nature. You can import, edit and export all within one application. When selecting a service like MobileMe, YouTube or Flickr you might have to deal with additional costs. For instance if you go with MobileMe ($99) you might need to consider how many people do you expect to view your video. If to many access it you could easily run over the monthly data transfer limit (200GB with standard account). With Flickr you might have to activate the Pro account ($24.95) to get features or storage you might need. YouTube is generally the cheapest (Free) but videos need to be less than 10 minutes. If video length is an issue you can also use Vimeo (Free). Vimeo limits your uploads to 500MB of data per month. A Vimeo Plus account costs about $60 and you can upload up to 5GB a week. There are privacy settings associated with all these services and you can invite just those viewers who you want to see you latest work!

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