Repairing Permissions with Disk Utility

Repairing Permissions with Disk Utility

This common issue comes straight to you from our Forum. Sometime you will see an error that states “Disc is in use” when working in an application such as iTunes. This is because applications such as iTunes use the disk directory actively for playback and importing.

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If you are unable to eject the CD or DVD from your Mac’s optical drive after trying all the usual methods try one of these alternate methods:

  • Quitting all open applications. Sometime applications keep an index of the disc ready for when you need to access it.
  • Open Disk Utility (Volume/Applications/Utilities), select the disc, and choose File > Eject.
  • Select Apple menu > Restart and hold down the mouse or trackpad button until the disc ejects.
  • If your drive has an emergency eject hole, put the computer to sleep and insert a large, straightened paper clip in the small emergency eject hole of the drive (the location varies, depending on the drive and Mac). Push firmly until the disc ejects.

If all other methods fail, you can try ejecting the disk using the firmware. (This may not work on all Macs – such as Intel-based Macs.) The steps listed below describe how to start up and briefly use the computer with only the firmware loaded – you will not be using your standard Mac OS X interface. If you are not comfortable with this don’t try it and seek expert help.

Using the Firmware

  • Restart the computer.
  • When you hear the startup sound, press and hold the Command-Option-O-F keys.
  • Release the keys when you see the welcome screen.
  • At the prompt, type: eject cd
  • Press Return, then wait a few seconds. The disc drive should eject the disc, and “ok” appears on the screen when the action is complete.
  • Next type: mac-boot
  • Press Return.

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