Macintosh Troubleshooting: Can’t Eject Disk in iTunes

This common issue comes straight to you from our Forum. Sometime you will see an error that states “Disc is in use” when working in an application such as iTunes. This is because applications such as iTunes use the disk directory actively for playback and importing. If you are unable to eject the CD or […]

Hello You There? iPhone Microphone Not Working

Well, we all know about the antenna problem that plagued the first batch of Apple’s iPhone 4. This has somewhat mysteriously resolved itself as users are not reporting this issue in the number that they where in the beginning. I was recently made aware of another issue that hit home the other day with my […]

Mac OS X Troubleshooting: Repairing Permissions with Disk Utility

Sometimes it’s the simple things that we forget – maintenance. On the surface Mac OS X appears to be an operating system where you can just set it up and forget it. That is what most Mac OS X users do so don’t think you are the only one. I have worked with a lot […]

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