OS X Tricks: Finder Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

Finder Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X As a part of my OS X Tricks I wanted to share two Terminal commands that show and hide Finder files in Mac OS X. I have run into plenty of occasions where I was performing a repair and I wanted to show all the hidden Mac […]

Locating the SMC Switch: Resetting Mac Mini

Locating the SMC Switch Locating and resetting Mac mini SMC switch is tricky business because you may have to actually open up your Mac mini. I will cover troubleshooting issues related to the System Management Controller (SMC) using methods that reset the switch with the top housing either on or off. The Mac Mini System […]

OS X Finder: Looking at Mac OS X Stickies

Looking at Mac OS X Stickies In the OS X Finder Mac OS X Stickies are sometimes an unappreciated program. It has been a part of the Macintosh OS since 1994 with the release of System 7.5. The current version allows you to save reminders, to-dos and other bits of information that you might collect. […]

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