Mac OS X Tips : Mac OS X Get Info Inspector

Mac OS X Tips Here is an OS X trick that expands on what most users familiar to “Get Info” window know about its features.   Typically when we want to explore an item on our Mac we select the item(s) and simply hold down Command + I ( or File menu, choose Get Info […]

Mac OS X Keychain Issues: Keychain Error Repairs

The most irritating thing that can happen in Mac OS X is a keychain error. When Mac OS X Keychain issues arise here are some simple tips that can hopefully resolve your Keychain login error. The first thing to do is launch Keychain Access found under Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access. […]

VNC for Leopard: Virtual Network Computing in Mac OS X

Want to find out more about VNC for Leapord?  Virutual Network Computing (VNC) is a great tool smart iphone and netbook users can use to access information using network computing. Virtual Network Computing allows the users to remotely access their computer over the Internet. This is not a new concept; Apple has been allowing its […]

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