Reformatting a Mac Hard Drive

Erasing the Primary Drive The best way to reformat a Mac hard drive is from the operating system disk you currently have installed. Using a previous version system installer disk doesn’t usually work well. You have to complete an extra step that does a high-level erase before doing a more comprehensive low-level one. It will […]

Mac Laptop Battery Trouble: How to Calibrate a Macbook Battery

Getting a new Apple laptop is a great experience – from deciding that this is the laptop you are going to buy to finally taking it home and going through the unpacking ceremony. We are sometimes so eager to get started that most of us forget one little detail: did you calibrate your battery? Now […]

Batch Optimize Images and Resize using Automator

Free Workflow Included In a pinch Apple’s Automator, already installed on you Mac, is still a great option to optimize images. In some cases Fireworks and Photoshop will not batch compress images for one reason or another. This is were Automator comes in handy to optimize images: 1. Open a new window in the finder […]

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