How to Configure a Mac Kiosk Part 1

With the new Mac 10.5.x OS, setting up your computer as a Kiosk has never been easier. You will have to take a few things into account before you start. First you will have to have access to a Mac to configure, either an older Mac or a Mac Mini. Consider where you will be […]

Batch Optimize Images Using Adobe Fireworks

Ever had one of those situations when you need to send someone one or more images in an email or upload images to a website only to find that they were too large? Sounds like you need to batch optimize your images. Large or uncompressed images result in slow or undeliverable messages, extended load times […]

IBotnet Viruses for Macs: What’s protecting YOUR Mac?

When the IBotnet virus recently hit the mainstream most Mac users were a bit shaken, understandably, since Macintosh never really been a target for viruses or even worms for that matter. Well, the IBotnet is a virus for Macs, even if not a very “effective” one. After it was revealed that only a couple of […]

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