iPhone Troubleshooting: Troubles Syncing iPhone Photos

Using iPhoto or Aperature Image Management Tools When you sync your iPhone with iTunes you have the option of selecting a image management software like Aperture or iPhoto. You can also select a destination folder like Pictures or a custom folder of your choosing to sync with. Easy to setup using iTunes. Select the Photo […]

Macintosh Troubleshooting: Make a bootable Mac OS X USB flash drive for repairs

I am always on the go working on a variety of Macs. As reliable Macs can have their bad days and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. We have all been there, and it only takes that one time faced with a repair not having the right utilities or maintenance tools. I always have […]

Mastering GarageBand: Combining Two Garageband Projects

I have been working with Garageband since it first came out and have seen it evolve into a pretty powerful audio editing program. I primarily use Garageband for my Podcasting but have used it to create ring tones and music. To help in my podcast production process I started using a “template” that I set […]

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