iMac G3 500Mhz (2001) “Indigo”

The iMac was a dramatic departure from mainstream computer design. The design of the first generation of the iMac has been credited to Jonathan Ive, currently Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple. It was the first computer to ship with out a floopy drive and was equip exclusively with USB port standard. The slot-loading iMac G3 began shipping in late 1999 with additional DV (Digital Video) designation. This version had FireWire, CD-RW/DVD-ROM, 500 Mhz Processor atop the new “Pangea” motherboard with a 16MB ATI Rage 128 Ultra graphics chip. The 2001 series was available in indigo, graphite, and snow with either the 500, 600, or 700MHz (PPC750CXe) processor.

Wondering where your PMU is? Referred to as the PMU (Power Management Unit) or Cuda Switch and is located on the top of the Power Macintosh G3 iMac logic board. Remember: DO NOT RESET IT IF THE COMPUTER IS ON!!!

Resetting the PMU: iMac G3 500Mhz (2001) “Indigo”

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