Mac Troubleshooting: Power Macintosh G3 450 (Blue & White) and Resetting G3 PMU

Based on the Yosemite architecture featuring a 450 MHz PowerPC 750 G3 processor the Apple Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White) has 1 MB of backside cache, arrives with 128 MB of RAM, a 32X CD-ROM drive and an ATI Rage 128 GL graphics card. This was the first design that utilized the “fold down door” enclosure that revolutionized the way we interact with our Mac desktops. It is extremely easy to upgrade and introduced Firewire and included both USB and ADB port connectors.

Power Macintosh G3 PMU Reset Button

This is where the PMU (Power Management Unit) or Cuda Switch is located on a Power Macintosh G3. It is usually next to the system battery on the mother board. To reset the G3 PMU follow these instructions. DO NOT RESET IT IF THE COMPUTER IS ON!!!

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