iPhone 4 Protective Cover Reviews: Otterbox Defender Series

I have become a big fan of Otterbox over the past two years and have used their Defender series to protect my iPod Touch, iPhone 3G and now my new iPhone 4. The new case for the iPhone 4 is radically different from its predecessor the Otterbox 3G/3GS Defender Series. The new case is redesigned from the ground up to accommodate the new iPhone 4’s dual camera, flash, light sensor, antenna, audio controls and other ports. Although the previous 3G/3GS version defended against drops from less than five feet it had a few design issues starting with the bezel around the screen that limited how far to the edge you could move your finger. Another major issue was “oil slicking“ or adhering of the screen to the protective plastic in areas. There is a “fix” for this but it never worked reliably (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYF7gM_YalM) . Other issues I found in 3G/3GS version where how well it was padded on the inside and the belt clip started loosing some of its grip with a lot of ware and tear.

The new iPhone 4 Defender case has improvements in all those areas. From the set back bezel that allows you to utilize the entire touch screen without limitation to the protective plastic not producing the “oil slick” appearance. Other improvements are the great new belt clip that feels like it will provide long lasting grip; padding on the interior of the case; easy iPhone removal; improved silicon and less bulky plastic case design. I have been using the new case for two weeks now and can report back that it exceeds expectations using the previous version.

Learn more about the Defender Series at Otterbox.com.

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