iPhone App Reviewed: ‘Cash Your Computer’ by SellYourMac.com

iPhone App Review

'Cash Your Computer' by SellYourMac.com

I work a lot with vintage equipment rebuilding old systems to recover data. A lot of these older Macs have been subjects for my photo gallery. Recently idle curiosity got the best of me when I ran across a great FREE App called “Cash Your Computer” by Brian Burke from http://www.sellyourmac.com.

I know what you’re thinking; what are you getting at with an App called “Cash Your Computer”? Well obviously you can tell by the title but personally I wanted to find out how much some of my older equipment was worth nowadays. Rather than search ebay for hours, which is not something I want to spend idle time doing, I tried this App. It is really fun and easy to use.

After downloading to your iPhone you simply launch the App and click past the intro screen by clicking “Continue to App”; my only criticism here is that you have to click past this screen. Next you are presented with a pretty exhaustive list of older Apple iMacs, iBooks, MacBooks, PowerBooks, Mac Pro, PowerMacs, Intel Macs, displays, iPhones and iPods.
List of Macs to choose from

List of Macs to choose from

The rest is self explanatory, simply find the device you are curious about, select it and fill in the options. If you don’t know what your installed options are simple check the back of your Mac next to the serial number or using the Mac OS X Finder go to Apple > ‘About This Mac’ and Click ‘More Info’.
Select options that match your Mac's sepecifications

Select options that match your Mac's sepecifications

Once you have entered your data click the “Submit” button at the top of the screen and it will close, import all your data into an email and give you a final price. The email is intended for you to contact SellYourMac.com but it is a great way of emailing your data to another computer or friend.

Overall it is a very simple App with no frills information. I loved using it get a price for my old iBook and PowerBook Titanium. Turns out my PowerBook Titanium is still worth about $40!

For this review I also checked out the SellYourMac.com website and iSelliMac ebay Store. SellYourMac.com is really easy to use and the styling is similar to the Apple Store. SellYourMac.com site is similar to the app by helping you research the price of your Apple desktop, laptop, or portable device. The ebay store is similar offering competitive pricing on new and used Apple desktops, laptops and portables. Not having purchased anything from iSelliMac or sold anything to SellYourMac.com I decided to contacted the owner through LinkedIn. Owner Brian Burke was glad to speak with me about his straightforward approach to selling and buying used Macs. So friendly and courteous in fact that prompted me to write this review! Please leave feedback and comments if you have either used or bought from SellYourMac.com or iSelliMac ebay Store.

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