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Drunk Sharpie ATTACK! by Brian Burke

We have all been there…at one point we had a few too many with good friends (or several hundred) and before you know someone hits the couch or the floor… and they‘re OUT COLD! Do you let this opportunity pass??? Potentially missing out what could possibly be the next greatest intoxicated moment digitally captured and transformed into an epic viral image! Well with Drunk Sharpie ATTACK! you can take better judgment out of equation!

Simply take a shot of victim…err…your dearest friend or pick a photo from your Camera Roll or Library. Now let Drunk Sharpie take over and do the rest!
Drunk Sharpie ATTACK! Main Menu

Drunk Sharpie ATTACK! Main Menu

Putting myself through the rigors for this review I tested ease of use relative to intoxication. Amazingly the Drunk Sharpie ATTACK! performed very well. After putting down 3 decent glasses of Scotch I easily took a picture and edited it using the Draw option. With the Draw option selected I was able to draw on my subject and easily adjust the Sharpie thickness and color under the Sharpie submenu. The Edit function is also straightforward. All you have to do is tap Edit, select a layer and tap the “x” in the upper right corner to delete layers created with your Sharpie or Icons. You can also use the Edit to select an Icon or Drawing and scale it. Under icons you will find 13 icons to get you started. If you want to pick up more you can upgrade to the Pro version for $0.99.

When you are ready to share your masterpiece its as effortless as pouring a chaser. Simply tap Share and save to your creation to your camera roll, album or email for review when better judgment kicks in; or just upload to Twitter or Facebook. I would recommend setting up you Facebook and Twitter accounts before you start using Drunk Sharpie. Slightly impaired it takes away from the moment. You can also “Upload to Gallery” but this also requires the Pro version.

The only option I had trouble using was Scroll when drawing. I was uncertain how to use Scroll, but that could be the alcohol talking. Drunk Sharpie ATTACK! is a really fun iPhone App drunk or sober! It also comes in handy during those long staff meetings!

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