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In a pinch Apple’s Automator, already installed on you Mac, is still a great option to optimize images. In some cases Fireworks and Photoshop will not batch compress images for one reason or another. This is were Automator comes in handy to optimize images:


  1. 1. Open a new window in the finder and navigate to your Applications Folder.
  2. 2. Double-Click on Automator.
  3. 3. In the first dialog you will see select a starting point for your new workflow. Click Custom.


  1. 1. You should already have your images in a primary folder called Backup.
  2. 2. Create a second and call that “Batch”.
  3. 3. Next you will need double-click on the Backup folder and Select All (Apple + A) the images in the folder and drag them into Automator.
  4. 4. Once you have moved them a dialogue will appear asking you if you want to create a additional backup folder. You can dismiss this since you already created a backup folder.

All this sets up your batch process so that you have a folder of original files and a folder to hold your optimized images.


  • 1. Next, go to the Library > Photos.
  • 2. Select Scale Images.
  • 3. The dialog asks to create a second folder so that you can duplicate all your images before batching them. Click Add.
  • 4. Select the Batch folder on the desktop.
  • 5. Set To Size (pixels) and type in 500 in the text box.

  • Automator
    HINT: If you want to change the type of images from TIFF to JPEG you will have to Select in the same Library > Change Type of Images. Dismiss the Dialog since you already have copied the files to the Batch folder. Set the type to you desired output.

    When ready, click Run. You can Save your workflow as a Workflow, Application or Plug-in. I am including a sample file to help you get started on your own Batch Optimize and Resize in Automator Workflow. To use the Application simply create a Batch folder on your desktop and then run the app. That’s it!

Adobe Fireworks CS4 - Full

CS4 Fireworks

Ever had one of those situations when you need to send someone one or more images in an email or upload images to a website only to find that they were too large? Sounds like you need to batch optimize your images.

Large or uncompressed images result in slow or undeliverable messages, extended load times and/or upload errors. The easiest thing to do is to batch compress those images using and image editor such as Adobe Fireworks, found bundled with CS4 CS4 Web Premium or as a standalone application. Adobe Fireworks allows you to work with a folder of images or a single image and to optimize it for a variety of uses. The easiest method to do the following:

    1. 1. In the Adobe Fireworks Menu Bar select File.
      2. Select Batch Process…

A dialog will open and you will have to navigate to the folder or image you would like to batch compress. Or, if you already have the images open, click on Include Current Open Files. Click Next in the middle of the dialog.

In the Batch Process dialog window you can select options to Export (optimize), Scale, Find and Replace, Rename, or perform Commands on your images. Let’s say you wanted to batch a series of images to an area of 500 x 500 pixels and wanted the image at 80% reduced quality.

Since you already have your image selected try the following:

    1. 1. Double-click on Export.
      Under settings select JPEG – Better Quality from the drop-down menu.
      Resize the image, double-click on Scale, and select Scale to Fit Area.
      Here set the Max Width to 500 px and the Max Height to 500.
      Click Next

The last Batch Process dialog requires you to set the Save settings. You can Save the images to the same location as the original files and select Backups. It is always good to work with Backups as you never know when something could go wrong.

    1. 1. Under Batch Output select Same location as Original File.
      2. Check box Backups
      3. Select Overwrite existing backups.

You can also Save Script if this might become a part of a routine. To access the Batch Process Script for Adobe Fireworks simply click here.

If you want to accomplish the same thing and just have one image open in Adobe Fireworks do the following:

    1. 1. Scale the Modify > Canvas > Image Size…
      2. Set the longest edge to 500 px (The other might be shorter depending on the image)
      3. In the Optimize Menu (F9) select JPEG – Better Quality.
      4. Click on File > Export…

This will not save a Backup Image so you might want to name the file something different so you don’t overwrite the original.

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