Mac OS X Safari Tips

Get The Most Out of Safari

Every week I bring you a series of Mac OS X Tips via my feed on With the launch of Safari 5.1 update on Wednesday I was reminded why I love Safari so much. The new version enables third-party extension support in the web browser. Compared to Chrome it will give it a run for the money, but Firefox – well that’s another story. At any rate I wanted to leave you with a selection of tips I have come up with to help you get the most out of surfing Safari!

Drag & Drop File Uploads
This is one of Safari’s hidden features. Tired of having a file to upload, a YouTube video or a Flickr image, for example, normally you would click the “Browse” button to open a dialog box and navigate to the location of your file. Wouldn’t it be great if you could drag and drop the file from your already – open Finder window directly to the upload form’s ‘Browse’ button in Safari? Well you can! Next time just drag and drop your files to the ‘Browse’ Button and your done!

Tab through Safari Tabs
Cycle through your Tabs like a pro by holding down CNTRL-Tab. Hit Tab to move forward.

Putting Safari Address Bar to work!
Ever run into the problem of starting to type a URL in the Address Bar and then realizing that I intended to view it in a new tab. Instead of cutting and pasting the URL into a manually-created tab, Safari lets you stay in the current tab and press Command+Enter to open it in another.

Re-sizable text fields in Safari
When filling out an online form that includes multi-line text fields, you might feel a little cramped by the pre-determined number of lines coded into the page. In Safari you can resize multi-line text fields on forms and make them larger by merely dragging the bottom-right edge.

Snap Back feature in Safari
Typically when you are surfing in Safari and move through a website you might find yourself wanting to go back to where you started. Sure, you could hit the Back button – a few hundred times – to get back to the original page, or you can use SnapBack. SnapBack works by silently marking a web page everytime you type in a new URL, click a bookmark, or open a new window. Simply go History > Search Results SnapBack or Type Comand+Option+S and SnapBack will bring you back to the beginning immediately. A huge time saver!

Speed up Safari
Surfing the web is great in Safari but after a while your Mac might start slowing down. Have you emptied your Cache lately? What is Cache you ask? As you surf the web your browser makes copies of the pages you visit, in case you need them again. This can cause things to slow down though. Here’s how to do a clean up. Select Safari > Emtpy trash from the main menu. A dialog will appear. Click Emtpy.

Setting Download Location in Safari
Did you know that Safari provides several options for managing downloads? To set the location for saving downloaded files on your hard drive, from Safari’s Menu Click on Safari and select preferences and Click on the General tab. Next Click on the “Save downloaded files to…” drop-down menu and select either “Last download location” or “Other…” to specify a specific location.

Managing Active Safari Downloads
The Downloads option under the Window menu in Safari provides you with more control over your downloads. When you select Downloads from the Window menu, the Downloads Pane will open, listing all active downloads and also perhaps some past downloads, depending on your settings in the General preferences pane. You can start and stop a download by clicking the Stop or Resume button next to the file name. You can also view the progress of your download in the Finder by clicking on the ‘Magnifying Glass’ button. There is also a Clear button in the lower left hand corner to clear your history of downloaded Files.

Mac OS X Safari Tips

Get The Most Out of Safari

Every week I bring you a series of Mac OS X Tips via my feed on Comparing Safari to Chrome I was reminded why I love Safari so much. Here are a selection of tips I have come up with to help you get the most out of surfing Safari!

RSS and Safari
Security risk in Safari using it as your RSS reader. Fix this by opening Prefer>RSS> and select a alternative RSS Reader.

Private Web Browsing
Enable private web browsing by selecting Safari > “Private Browsing” from the menu.

Tab Through Checkboxes and Radio Buttons in Firefox and Safari.
Don’t look in the Brower’s Preferences. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts. At the bottom under Full Keyboard Access select All Controls.

Set Your Wallpaper with Safari.
Quickly set your wallpaper by dragging the image into Safari. Right Click the image and “Set As Desktop Background…”

ZOOM ZOOM in Safari
The zoom feature in Safari works just like Safari on the iPhone. Instead of just increasing the font size, it increases the size of images and other media as well. To access this tool go to View > Zoom In or Zoom Out. You can also use Command + and Command -. Take it one step further Left clicking your toolbar or choosing View > Customize Toolbar to add the zoom buttons.

Emailing Web Pages.
Find a web page in Safari you want to share with a friend, don’t send them just a boring old link — send them the page itself. Just press Command+I and a email with the page it in will appear. Simply type in the email address of the person you want to send the web page to.

Bookmark Multiple Tabs in Safari.
If you have more than 1 tab open in Safari and want to Bookmark them all go to: Bookmarks > Add Bookmark For These (#) Tabs.

Tab through Safari Tabs.
Cycle through your Tabs like a pro by holding down Control+Tab. Tap Tab to move forward.

Safari Tab Shortcuts.
Working in Safari and want to open a link but don’t want to loose your spot on your current tab. Try holding down Command + Shift and Click the desired link and it will open a new tab and immediately display the page.

Merge Windows with Safari (Manage Windows in Safari)
Safari 3/4 now allows you to drag and drop tabs. You can drag a tab off the bar to create a new window or drag it onto an existing window to add it. You can also use this to rearrange the order of your tabs. If you have lots of open windows each with different numbers of tabs, there is an easier way to get them all into one instead of dragging and dropping. In the Window menu you will find the “Merge All Windows” command. This will instantly combine all your open windows into one tabbed window.

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