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Mac Users Guide Top 10 iPhone Tips and Tricks

It is always a lot of fun to get a new device and learn all about its key features. The iPhone has so many that it will take you a while to explore and discover them all. For the past few months I have been posting a series of iPhone 3.0 Quick Tips to my Mac Users Guide Audioboo.fm Feed. These are my top ten recommended tips and tricks that will help you learn more about your iPhone 3G/3GS and discover some of its secrets.

1. iPhone Screen Capture. Need to screen capture your iPhone interface? Simply hold down the Power+Home buttons simultaneously.

2. Turn-off Predictive Text. Simply capitalize the first letter of any word that isn’t the first word of a sentence and your iPhone will not attempt to correct the spelling.

3. Scroll to the top of a website in Safari? Tap the top of your iPhone screen – where the time, battery and signal bars are.

4. Zoom in or out: Double-tap the screen with three fingers and zoom in by 200 percent. Double-tap one figure to zoom-out.

5. Got more than one page of Apps like I do? Tap the bottom right or left corners of the screen to switch between pages instead of swiping your finger across.

6. Surfing Safari. Find an image you’d like to save? Press and hold the image and menu will ask to “Save Image.”

7. Delete multiple emails. Launch Mail > Inbox. Tap Edit button and check off the emails you want to delete. Tap Delete.

8. Delete single email in iPhone Mail. Swipe the email sideways and you’ll see the red “Delete” button. Tap it, and gone!

9. Synch iPhone and MobileMe Contacts. Launch Address Book. Open Address Book Preferences. In 10.5 CLCK on General Tab and select the service you would like to synch with. In OS 10.6 Click on Account Tab and Select your default account from the bar on the left. Then select the service you would like to Synch with.

10. Home Button Settings. By default Double-clicking has the same effect as single-clicking: it merely takes you to your Home screen or first page of your apps. You can change the double-click action by going to Settings > General > Home Button. Here you can set it to go Home, same as single-clicking. Phone Favorites – brings up your favorite contacts for quick dialing. iPod – takes you straight to the iPod App regardless if a track is playing or not.

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