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Here is an OS X trick that expands on what most users familiar to “Get Info” window know about its features.   Typically when we want to explore an item on our Mac we select the item(s) and simply hold down Command + I ( or File menu, choose Get Info ). The window that pops up give us basic information relating to its name, size, location, modification date, creation date, what application it is set to open with, preview and permissions.  Since Mac OS X 10.4 however most users are not aware of the additional improvements the Get Info Inspector received to improve the display of information. The “Get Info” Inspector is now able to provide you with two additional methods for displaying more or less information depending on what you were looking for.

Prior to OS X 10.4 if you selected multiple items in the Finder and went to the File Menu and choose Get Info you got a summary window showing you the total size and permissions of the items. In OS 10.4 this changed, instead of getting a Summary for 10 or less items it opened 10 distinctive windows allowing you to compare information between files. But what if you wanted to get a simple summary again you have to do the following.

  1. 1. Select the files within the Finder.
  2. 2. Hold down the Control Key and then under the File Menu, choose Get Summary ( or press Control + Command + I keys ).

A single Inspector should have opened showing you a static summary of what you selected.

Getting dynamic information from your files is easier as well. Since our content changes constantly or you are wanting examine files on the fly using the Inspector window. The Inspector window is a summary window and adjusts based on what you have selected, either groups of items or single selections.

  1. 1. Select the files with in the Finder Menu.
  2. 2. Hold down the Option key and under the File Menu, choose Show Inspector ( or press Option+ Command +I keys ).

A single Inspector should have opened showing you a summary of what you have selected. Now try holding down the Command key and clicking on additional items. You will see the summary in the Inspector adjusting to what you have selected.

Quick Tip: Using Get Info to set Applications

Are the files you are opening in applications you don’t want to use?

  1. 1. Select the file and open it Get Info window.
  2. 2. Under “Open with” an application will have been assigned to it.
  3. 3. You can change this by using the drop down menu and finding your recommended application listed there or by selecting other and finding it listed under applications.
  4. 4. Once selected it will only open this file with the application you specified.
  5. 5. To set or reset a default application for all similar items to open with click on Change All which will set all similar items to the same application.

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