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BUGS! IBotnet Viruses for Macs

When the IBotnet virus recently hit the mainstream most Mac users were a bit shaken, understandably, since Macintosh never really been a target for viruses or even worms for that matter. Well, the IBotnet is a virus for Macs, even if not a very “effective” one.

After it was revealed that only a couple of thousand users were infected by this Mac-specific trojan and it downloaded through a peer-to-peer network by some iWork needy Macifiles, people came to their senses. The IBotnet turn out to be a weakling and needed the user to install the pirated verison of iWork on their computer. Once the user typed in their password they allowed the Installer access to their computer and enabled the malware to take control. Malware gives up control of your computer and allows the creator to assimilate the all infected Macintoshs into a type of botnet, a large virtual supercomputer.

The key thing to remember before running out and buying Anti-Virus software for protecting your Mac is that this trojan only infected a few thousand users and does not endanger the casual user. If you are prone to using peer-to-peer network sharing then you might want to consider Macintosh virus software as part of your protection plan.

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