Taking a closer look at the new Apple iPad
Having gotten the new iPad on its release date I have been playing around with all the features and comparing the differences against my iPhone and iPod Touch. Basically the bigger screen makes a huge difference when working in the Apps. I have downloaded the new iWork Suite and found that integrates well with my current work flow. In getting to know the iPad I have compiled a series of my top tips to help you improve your productivity.

Put 6 Apps In the Bottom Tray
As we all know the iPhone hold up to 4 apps in the bottom tray by default. Did you know that the iPad can store more! Start by Tap/Holding on any app icon just like you would do to rearrange apps. Once your Apps are unlocked just drag any two additional apps into the bottom tray. Super handy!

Virtual Keyboard vs. Real Keyboard
If you still needs some practice using the virtual keyboard or just like the feel of a real one try pairing a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad. Once connected the virtual keyboard will cease to appear. However, what if, for some random reason, you needed that virtual keyboard? Don’t unpair via Bluetooth in your General Settings. Just hit the eject key on Apple’s physical keyboard. It’ll bring up the virtual one.

Get Your Own (Free) Books
Similar to the way iTunes and the iPod can import and play downloaded music, iTunes and the iPad can import and display downloaded books. Supported formats are limited and the iPad only supports ePub (with or without DRM). Your local library may be a great source for free ePub checkouts. Also, Project Gutenberg has 30,000 free ePub books you can download since they have fallen out of copyright. If you want to convert your own PDFs and other DRM-free formats to ePub check out Calibre-ebook.com.

Extending your iPad Battery Life
Concerned about your iPad’s battery limit? There are three main factors that can affect how long a charge lasts: The brightness of the screen, volume and Push services. The higher the volume and brightness are, the more battery life is consumed. In addition you might want to update your Push services from “Push” to “Manual” by going to Settings -> “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”.

Instant Muting
Lets say you are in back row of a wedding just minding your own business when, oops, you forgot to mute your Audioboo Tips from Mac Users Guide! No worries. There’s a quick way to cut the speaker. Holding down the volume down button for about two seconds will mute your iPad.

Access Special Characters
Simply bring up the keyboard and hold down any vowel. You’ll see a menu pop-up with additional variations of that character. When in Safari or Mail holding down the .com key to get a set of additional domains such as .edu, .org and .net.

Set your iPad Mail to more than two lines
When working with Mail on your iPad you qucikly realize you have space! This feature exists also for the iPhone and iTouch but their smaller screen makes it less practical. On the iPad, however, I find the feature is pretty handy for skimming several emails without opening them. Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts and Calendars and select “5 lines” under Preview.

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