Capture, Edit and Share With QuickTime X

Capture, Edit and Share With QuickTime X

Capture, Edit and Share With QuickTime X

When it comes to editing video there are a lot of different options. Within Apple’s line of software products you can choose from iLife’s iMovie, Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro. But what happens if you are on the go or need to quickly edit a video and you don’t have these software options. Completely redesigned for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, QuickTime X is a brand-new version of QuickTime Player. With QuickTime X you no longer have to buy the QuickTime Pro to be able to edit and convert videos. This can now be done free using QuickTime X. Although the editing is limited sometimes you don’t need more. Here are some some editing tips covering most of your editing needs,

You can now capture video with QuickTime X. You don’t need any other application to capture video from the iSight camera, a FireWire camera, your desktop or an audio input. There are three new options to get you started.

  1. 1. Plug in your device, or if you are using the iSight Camera just hold tight.
  2. 2. Choose File > New (Movie, Audio or Screen) Recording.
  3. 3. A window will appear with a record button. When you are ready just click Record.
  4. 4. When you have completed your capture you can edit it.

Using QuickTime X you can easily shorten or remove unwanted content or remove a portion of the beginning or end of a video clip. Shorting a video is called trimming.

Editing with QuickTime X

  1. 1. Launch QuickTime. (Applications > QuickTime X)
  2. 2. Open the clip you want to edit.
  3. 3. Choose Edit > Trim. A trimming bar appears at the bottom of your QuickTime window.
  4. 4. Use the Trim bar to select the portion of the movie you want to keep.
  5. 5. Drag the start and end (yellow handles) of the trimming bar to select the portion of the movie you want to keep.
  6. 6. Click the Trim Button. Your movie will be shortened to the portion you selected.

Note: If the start and end portions of your video don’t have sound you can, Choose Edit > Select All Excluding Silence to set the trim points to exclude the silent part of your video. One drawback, you can’t import or edit two clips into one sequence. This is meant only to edit one sequence at a time.

Now that you shot and edited you video its time to share it. You can upload videos to iTunes, MobileMe or YouTube. You will need either a Apple, MobileMe or YouTube Account to post your videos. To upload videos from QuickTime X to YouTube, open a video with QuickTime X and press Share on the menu bar. The same menu will enable you to upload movies to MobileMe and convert movies so you can send them to iTunes. All the compression and encoding is already preset.

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