iPhone 3.0 Photo Management

iPhone 3.0 Photo Management: Syncing Video and Photos with your iPhone

Syncing Video and Photos with your iPhone
Expanding on my second to last post iPhone Troubleshooting: Troubles Syncing iPhone Photos I wanted to look more closely at how to import video for your iPhone. I recently had a friend get in touch with me regarding her new iPhone 3GS. She is new to the iPhone 3GS and had been shooting video and taking pictures. She contact me asking how to syncing her iPhone with her Mac. Most of us familiar with Apple’s logic take for granted that we intuitively go to certain apps to help us manage our iPhones. However for a relatively new user this can be confusing. Even though syncing between your iPhone happens in iTunes, there’s no preference for video syncing in the iPhone management screen. If you have shot video with your iPhone and you have iLife installed you can use iPhoto to help you with this.

Sync with iPhoto
If you have iPhoto selected as your photo management program in iTunes it will automatically launch once you connect your iPhone. Once open you can select which photos and videos you want to import, you can also opt not to import duplicates.
iPhoto - Device Manager

iPhoto - Select your iPhone under DEVICES

  1. Start by launching iPhoto (if not already open)
  2. Under DEVICES select your iPhone
  3. Check “Hide photos already imported”
  4. Check the photos and videos you want to import
  5. Click “Import Selected”

Sync with Image Capture
If you don’t own the iLife suite you are not out of luck. Image Capture is your default photo manager an comes with Mac OS X. Similar to iPhoto you can select which photos and videos you want to import, you can also opt not to import duplicates. One major difference between Image Capture and iPhoto is that you can “Delete after Import”.

Image Capure and iPhoto Photos

Using Image Capure to Manage your photos and video

  1. Start by launching Image Capture (if not already open)
  2. Under DEVICES select your iPhone
  3. You can select and highlight which images you want to import
  4. Check box “Delete after import” if you want to remove images or video already imported.
  5. Select and destination folder under “Import To:” drop-down
  6. Click Import when ready

Using Image Capture with iPhone

Using Image Capture with iPhone solves syncing issue with iPhone photos: Try Image Capture

Using iPhoto or Aperature Image Management Tools
When you sync your iPhone with iTunes you have the option of selecting a image management software like Aperture or iPhoto. You can also select a destination folder like Pictures or a custom folder of your choosing to sync with.
Selecting Image Manage Software

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Easy to setup using iTunes.

  1. Select the Photo Tab
  2. Check the Sync Photos
  3. Select the folder or application from the drop down menu

Troubles Syncing iPhone Photos

Typically when you sync your iPhone with Mac Aperture or iPhoto launch to help you import and manage your photos. However with the recent upgrades to Aperture I have notice one key feature missing. Deleting already imported images from your iPhone. You can select not to import duplicate images during import but what do you do after they have been imported? The best method I have found requires one more step using Apple’s Image Capture.

  1. Launch Image Capture. ( Applications > Image Capture )
  2. Select your iPhone under DEVICES.
  3. In the bottom left corner you should see a control panel displaying “Connecting this iPhone opens…”. You should see a check box just below this “Delete after Import”.
  4. Check “Delete after Import”.

Once you have downloaded all the pics to the folder of your choice or to an image management software your photos will automatically be deleted off the iPhone. No synching wit iTunes necessary! This works great if you are off-loading images at a friends house.

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