Mac Troubleshooting: Mac Mini Upgrade how-to open a Mac Mini and add RAM

This video podcast focuses on how to upgrade a Mac mini and features step-by-step instructions on how to open, take a part, install RAM and how to put the Mac mini back together again. Visit our Help Desk and keep up with the latest developments in iPhone, iPod and third-party software, hardware and networking and learn the latest tips, shortcuts and tricks to get the most out of your Mac.

* Disclaimer:
Not meant for the faint of heart, this repair brings with its own set of challenges that you must be ready for. According to Apple the Mac Mini line of desktop computers are not meant to be upgraded or modified my their owners. This runs counter to the cult of Macintosh users that are encouraged to change, modify and personalize there systems. Apple recommends that any upgrade be completed at the time of order or by a Apple Retail Store. There is nothing that says that you cannot perform this repair yourself or that any upgrade will void your warranty. What Apple does state, like with any other product, if you break it during your upgrade you are responsible for the damage and it will not be covered by your warranty. Doing this repair, carefully, yourself will not void your warranty. If there is documentation that runs counter to what I have found please email me with a link or provide a source. – Carl Berkeley,

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